What is the most useful subject?

This week’s question was …..

What subject taught in school is the most important?

Some answers were…..

English : because we use it everyday.

Science : so you know how the world works.

Geography : so you learn all the countries in the world.

Maths : because you need to use it in your life.

Art : because you need to design things like buildings..

What do you think?

1st week Nov

We had an Inter-Faith Day in school on Tues 7th Nov 2017. This was led by Mr Anwar from the Lancashire Faith Centre.

One of the points we discussed was – ‘What is Love?”

So we though that was a good question to post on our Philosophy Board for KS 2 pupils.

Here are some of the responses:

  • It is not just marrying someone- it is where you care and make sure they are appreciated.
  • A strong emotion.
  • Where you have feelings for someone.
  • When you appreciate someone for they actually are not who they seem to be.
  • Strong friendship.

Oct 3rd Week

This week, we asked the pupils…

If you were donating money to a charity – would you donate to

  • a children’s charity
  • an adult charity
  • an animal charity

We got lots of amazing answers but these

These were the resposnses which stood out to us:

  • I would give it to an animal charity because they don’t get a lot of money.
  • I would give it to a children’s charity because they are the youngest generation.
  • I would give it to an adults’ hospital because I think humans are more important than other animals and I am a child so I would give it to an adult.